National Youth Coalition


About National Youth Coalition

Who Are We?

We are a progressive youth-led coalition that promotes the development of ethical and transformative young leaders who strive to ensure that all youth living in South Africa are empowered and supported in the attainment of their constitutional and human rights.

What Is Our Mission?

To Advocate and Represent

the interests and rights of young people, in all sectors of
society, through the creation of a youth-led and youth-focused coalition.

To Champion

the aspirations of young people in our country and to create a
representative body of organised youth who actively respond to social, political, climate issues that affect us.

To Create Spaces

that encourage capacity building on the different thematic areas so
that young people are well equipped with tools that help them fight for and realise systemic change, the Just Transition, and be able to respond to future crises.

What Are We Aiming To Achieve

● The creation of an equal and just society by removing oppressive norm and systems
● To mobilise a critical mass of youth towards shared goals.
● To create a youth led decision making platform which enables youth to be seen and heard in all decision-making spaces concerning their development whilst ensuring that actions are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time specific.
● To see youth revitalising the economy, building a strong social system, and encouraging hope and social cohesion.
● To develop an intersectional approach to problem solving, solidifying our collective voice, and increasing youth participation in governance.
● To harness the collective power of youth against oppressive norms and systems.
● To educate and capacitate young people to organise and mobilise for positive change in society, from an informed and principled point of view.
● To capacitate young people to meaningfully participate in public and democratic processes, including but not limited to voting.
● To mobilise youth voter registration and voting with the aim of electing young people into public office at all levels of national and local government who share our values and ideals.

What Are Our Objectives?

To Promote

● the intersectional mobilisation and coordination of youth by solidifying our collective voice and increasing youth participation in governance.
● the capacity building of youth and affiliated organisations, with relevant skills, knowledge, and education to strengthen our ability to create positive social change and further justice.
● the collective and coordinated voices and actions of youth formations in South Africa.

To Advocate

for the meaningful engagement, participation, leadership, and
representation of youth in all democratic and decision-making processes with a specific
focus on voting and public policy/legislation making and reform.